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Starting 2020, Perrin James will be hosting a number of eco-expeditions around the globe. These trips will focus on creating, story telling, and highlighting the work flow process of uniquely capturing media to inspire change without hurting people's livelihoods.




A small glimpse into the not so picturesque world of fin trade. My work in shark conservation started in Mexico almost ten years ago while on a dive trip. Recently my work has returned to these same shores where it all started.

This project will focus on working with the different fishing communities all over the Baja. Giving the fishermen an alternative option to fishing the quickly diminishing shark populations. These trips will focus on creative story telling, and the work flow process to telling stories to help create change while not hurting peoples livelihoods. At the end of the day the the fishermen are not the problem but the consumer.


In 2018, I created a film with a small team of conservationists from all over the world to target one of the largest shark fisheries with one intention: to befriend a shark fisherman. I won't ever forget the day I met Odie, We walked up to the shark boats asking about what the fins cost and if we could rent the boat for a day. From there, friendships were made and Project shark began.  In a world where shark stocks are collapsing, changing generations of shark fishermen who fish for survival is essential, but nearly impossible. There is one trade however, that can rival the multi-million dollar shark trade, one trade that can save sharks and people, a trade that thrives on something that won't go extinct: tourism. 

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